Feliç dia del pare… Un altre cop

celebrate dadAvui, en el món anglosaxó celebren el dia del pare… Nosaltres ja ho vam fer el 19 de març, però la paternitat és quelcom tan gran que no està de més tornar-ho a celebrar amb aquest magnífic vídeo que he trobat en un dels blogs que segueixo i que sovint hi trobo inspiracions com aquesta…

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8 thoughts on “Feliç dia del pare… Un altre cop

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  3. I received a nomination from ajaytao2010, http://ajaytao2010.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/a-bouquet-of-special-awards-3-nominations/ , Inner Peace Award.
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    There is just one thing I like to say to all of you.. I do believe that you have Inner Peace inside your soul, that you treat other people right and with respect.
    We all are born with a pure heart. That ‘pure inside’ of you, will always be a part of you no matter what. And when you have a hard time, don’t ever quit believing in your goodness. Because it’s your gift to know and share about Peace, Love and Respect with every living being on earth and also important..with yourself.
    Thank you, for being the person who you are.. Be Inner Peace and share it on your own special way.”
    Namasté, Summer
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